Eric Blot | violinmaker

This book is actually the catalogue of the exhibition of instruments that took place in Brescia last October 3 to 13, 2002. It is an independent reference tool, as it reproduces more instruments than in the exhibition. The purpose of the book is to show what has been reconstructed so far about the life and work of the Scarampella family, with special focus on Stefano, now considered the most inventive personality of the Scarampella family. The book mainly dedicated to Stefano Scarampella, also tells about Antonio Bazzini, who explored the musical context at the time of Scarampella. It also describes the lives and works of other members of the Scarampella family as well as an analysis of letters written by the two brothers  – kept in a collection in Brescia with new information on the life of Giuseppe. Inside the book there are: 5 instruments of Giuseppe Scarampella, 20 of Stefano Scarampella, 4 of Gaetano Gadda, 1 of Antonio Pivetta and 1 of Gaetano Dionelli.

€ 80,00


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